class qtpyvcp.widgets.button_widgets.subcall_button.SubCallButton(parent=None, filename='')[source]

Button for calling ngc subroutines.

  • parent (QWidget, optional) – The parent widget of the button, or None.
  • filename (str, optional) – The filename of the NGCGUI style subroutine the button should call, including any extension. The subroutine must be on the subroutine path specified in the INI. The name of the subroutine must match exactly the sub/endsub name. The parameter #<parameter1> if found in the VCP the value from that widget will be used instead of the default value. If you don’t have a default value you must have a widget by the same name. The widget can be a line edit, a spin box or a double spin box.
o<example> sub
#<parameter1> = #1
#<parameter2> = #2 (=default_value)

;Body of the subroutine

o<example> endsub

Gets or sets the filename of the subroutine the button should call (str).

The subroutine file must be on the subroutine path as specified in the INI.